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 Health Management

The distributors significantly augment the resources of their own health and that of their clients by using the Vision product whose quality is attested to by the GMP international standard.


 Business Management

For those who want to use the Company's products on lucrative terms and try their hand in the business. You purchase high-quality products for personal use at a great discount. You get an opportunity to earn money together with the Company by recommending and selling its products.




Our philosophy is the person's deliberate choice made in favor of the healthy lifestyle, in favor of the whole health.




Our philosophy is titled Whole Health Option. That philosophy is based on recognizing the human health as the highest value and understanding health as the harmony of the physical, spiritual, intellectual and social quality of life.


The conditions in which a contemporary individual lives quite often prove to be unfavorable to his or her health. Sometimes they are impossible to change. But still, much of what determines the human health situation is in our control. For instance, one's diet, sleep duration, one's social circle and so on. All this is the result of an individual choice made by the person on the basis of the personal value system. It is that value system that defines the person's behavior, his or her habits, priorities and, overall, what is termed the lifestyle.

The whole health option is the personal choice for a person. But making this choice single-handedly is not easy help of like-minded people is necessary, since quite often a person has to make that choice in the unhealthy information environment, for instance, haunted by advertising flaunting the consumption of tobacco, spirits, fast food, etc. that destroy health. To withstand such "advertising tyranny" is only possible with the support of the like-minded community whose members have already made their deliberate choice in favor of their health.






AuraCenter - Vision unites people with various interests around one main idea the idea of universal health and highly prosperous life.




AuraCenter - Vision lifestyle means comfortable and convenient trading houses and Company's Representative offices in various countries of the world where it is a pleasure and fun to see and get to know the Company's products, to have working meetings, to ask the questions that interest you.